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Rich people have a personal “genie in a bottle” that works for them night and day to fulfill their every desire.

Have you ever repeatedly failed to do something that you put your heart and soul into?

Have you ever had unexpected expenses and problems at the same time and at the worst possible moment?

Have you ever thought that successful people simply have pure blind luck in everything that they set out to do, while you plod along trying to do the same identical things?

You’re right…there is a scientific explanation.

In the following lines I will tell you at last what the practical solution is – a solution that you will be able to put into use this very day to change the course of your life forever.


By removing from your subconscious the beliefs that are holding you back!

“Normal” individuals of the population (including myself), before becoming aware of this GREAT SCIENTIFIC SECRET… don’t realize that this is the real cause of their failure; Their financial constraints, and their varied and periodic afflictions that always seem to arrive when everything is going well…

We are unable to change our BORING and MONOTONOUS lives.
It’s an endless loop…most of the time we are aware of this without knowing how to change things.


I am talking about reprogramming your SUBCONSCIOUS for SUCCESS and WEALTH.

Right now your subconscious is working exactly against your desires…

Your parents, your friends and your teachers have unknowingly instilled LIMITED BELIEFS in you. You have accepted these beliefs and they continue to work in you everyday, so that everything you think and do makes them true.

Only when you have MULTIMILLIONAIRE PARENTS or MENTORS… you have no need to be reprogrammed for success! It’s called the principle of UNCONSCIOUS congruence.

If you really believe that the rich are bad, or that in order to become rich you must perform “illicit actions”… then your subconscious will always make you live in a way that will never make you rich!

What you think and what BELIEFS you have deep within (in your subconscious) is NOT your fault…It is your fault if you are aware of them but don’t do anything to change them!

I am sorry…but now that you have this “secret” information:

You no longer have an excuse to continue to complain about what happens in your life.

Here below I will tell you exactly how to reprogram your subconscious, even while you sleep, so that time and energy will no longer be an excuse!

Before I reveal the details of my solution, let me introduce myself and show you the results I have achieved thanks to this secret.

I am Nicola Domini. I was born in Verona in a very humble family.
I am an only child. My mother, an amazing woman, raised me. She worked for a video game company and supported our lives with her salary.

I wasn’t very good at school. I failed two years of high school and graduated with the lowest GPA.

However, I was tenacious and a hard worker. My dream was to live a full and luxurious life, but as many of you who are reading…I had absolutely no idea how!

I worked as a cleaner for AIA egg containers, loading and unloading goods, as a meter reader…But as hard as I worked, I was not even close to accumulating enough money to allow me to have a better lifestyle.

Then I became a financial advisor for Fineco where I developed a passion for reading books on business and the millionaire mentality. I participated in several training events with the best trainers in the world and learned many secrets which are still unknown today…

One of these, SUBCONSCIOUS MENTAL REPROGRAMMING, was the tool that changed my life!

Since then, everything changed.

In 2010 I was awarded as TOP financial PERFORMER in Italy.

Soon after I discovered a business system that led me to become financially free in only 5 years, and even more…I became N.1 of this system in the world!

I have been living in Monte Carlo for the past 5 years, wealthy and totally happy…

My mission has become to reveal the truth and knowledge that people need to break the chains of restrictions and poverty in which they have unknowingly been imprisoned.

Today I am in contact with people in show business, famous businessmen and high-ranking athletes.

And you know something…Even they agree with what I am about to say:



Give me your attention for the next 2 minutes and I will take you to an enchanted world...(does that remind you of anything?)

What you believe in your SUBCONSCIOUS is what happens and what is MATERIALIZED in reality!

You must absolutely change the way you think from deep within if you want to see the RESULTS in your real life.

“Change your thoughts and you can change your world”

*Norman Vincent Peale

a personal friend of US President Richard Nixon and mentor of Donald Trump during his career growth-

So, is there a way to give different commands to your subconscious?

YES! And that’s what makes the difference in your everyday life…It’s the true secret to success.

Through the various courses and events that I have attended in the past few years, I discovered that there is a type of music and sound that goes beyond our CONSCIOUS BRAIN, sending a message directly to our SUBCONSCIOUS.

Using these special frequencies [432Hz], POWERFUL messages can be sent…messages that are able to reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS to work FOR YOU

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…will be possible! That’s exactly how I did it.

I reprogrammed my SUBCONSCIOUS to make me STRONG, SELF-CONFIDENT, SMARTER, READY FOR WEALTH and much more…Simply and quickly I obtained everything you see in my pictures.
If you don’t already know me, you can take a better look on my social media profiles.

I am about to reveal how you can change your life while you sleep, while you practise sports, while you eat, while you drive... I am about to reveal what really makes the difference between a successful person and a person that never gets what they want!

I have created a SUBLIMINAL audio for you with the most powerful and important messages that will transform your subconscious into a winning battle machine.

In other words: you will be able to hear some of the messages clearly, but some messages will be distorted and on different frequencies so that they can break through the barriers of your unconscious brain and communicate directly with your SUBCONSCIOUS.

All you have to do is listen while you are carrying out your normal everyday activities, and while you carry on…your SUBCONSCIOUS will already have been reprogrammed with a FILE ON WEALTH and will begin to make your wishes come true!

The change in your thoughts will happen quicker than you think.

Developed personally by Nicola Domini, N.1 in the world in his field, the SUBLIMINAL AUDIO that will transform you into a magnet that attracts WEALTH and WELL-BEING can be yours.

-It’s innovative!


-And already has been tested…

It will finally give you a practical and simple tool to send the right messages to your subconscious and reprogram yourself for LUXURY and WEALTH.


 A subliminal audio to listen to several times a day…whenever and wherever you want, even while you sleep. It will work with your “genie in a bottle” expressing the best wishes that are already inside of you! [199€ value]

 FREE GIFT: (seeing that you have decided to take a step towards your desires…you will be rewarded with another product)
A video on SUBLIMINAL REPROGRAMMING for luxury and wealth in which you can immerse yourself. Even this video will work with your SUBCONSCIOUS…making the desires that you want to realize even more vivid [149€ value].

Are you ready to jump for JOY?

Finally you won’t have to spend an excessive amount to have a TRANSFORMING RESOURCE!

Of course you have to act immediately…
If you feel the impulse to buy…It’s because each one of us is on this planet to develop our maximum potential, and thanks to this simple and powerful tool, you will finally be able to direct your sails on the right course.

ONLY for the first 100 buyers:

The price of these two SUBCONSCIOUS MESSENGERS (audio and video) will not be 348€…


That’s right!

That’s an 86% DISCOUNT (only for the first 100)

No, thank you. I don’t want to live in luxury and prosperity!

This is an amount we spend everyday, even just to have a pizza and a drink with friends…but when you are done, your life hasn’t changed. So listen to the BEST part of you for once. Go against your present subconscious, the one that makes you waste opportunities, that limits you and confines you to a monotonous life…Take hold of your life and send the right signals to YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS. You will be radically transformed, changing the way you think and act.

It seems like magic to those who are not aware of these solutions.

In the worst scenario you will have bought a video and an audio full of phrases on general well- being…

But in the best scenario?
There is only one way to find out…Expect magic!


Stop walking against the wind. Stop having that constant feeling that world is working against you. You know that this all DEPENDS on the LIMITING BELIEFS that you have today!

Destroy them forever and create new ones that work FOR you.

This is the greatest secret of successful people!

It’s the simplest and most efficient tool (that I have tested on myself) to reprogram yourself and break through the barriers of your conscious brain, which is always telling you what and what not to believe.
If the choices of your conscious brain haven’t given results that completely satisfy you and have put you in a bad mood (like it happened to me)…You finally have the same available resource to help you come out of your RESTRIZIONI world.

Whether you buy this INNOVATIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOL or not, you will already have made a choice.

If you close this page, everything will remain the same…but don’t keep on complaining…because you are now AWARE of the PROBLEM and its SOLUTION!

If you decide to begin this process…I’ll be waiting for your testimonial in which you will tell me how you entered the world of PROSPERITY..

P.S. We have already tested these tools on businessmen and old friends, finding evident personal changes in them.

We had them try for about a month…and the results were incredible, better than expected.

IMPORTANT: All of them had the WILL to change and improve their lives.

You must understand that these products (audio and video) will reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS, but in order to achieve results in your real life…your personal effort is always necessary.


Working, studying, investing, writing…whatever your subconscious encourages you to do, DO IT! Doing NOTHING will not change your actual situation.

New thoughts ⟹ New actions ⟹New results.

This is the formula you must keep in mind.

Remember: the special price is only for the first 100 buyers

After purchasing: the subliminal reprogramming audio and video will be yours FOR LIFE and you will be able to use it any time you feel the need.

No thank you, I don’t want to live in luxury and prosperity!


Nicola Domini
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